Saturday, January 24, 2015

DOJ/ATF Abuse Coming to a City Near You?

Think that Big Gummint is your friend?

Think again.

The judge accused the government attorneys of perpetrating "a fraud on the court."

Dobyns' house was burned, and he argued it was arson, carried out by Hell's Angels, and successful because BATF had blown his cover and denied him protection. It turns out that a Justice Dept. attorney in his civil case told BATF not to reopen the investigation of the arson, lest its finding help Dobyns in his suit against BATF. That was concealed from the judge until the trial.

""An ATF agent who testified in this case may have been threatened by another witness during the trial." Justice Department attorneys ordered the agent not to report the threat to the court or he would face repercussions, [Judge] Allegra said."

When the judge entered his ruling, he ordered that the seven Justice attorneys who had handled the civil case were not to file any further documents in it -- essentially, they were banned from the court.

Dobyns' attorney complained that he had been under "extreme surveillance for the last sixty days, both fixed and moving..." and that his house and car had been broken into, although no property was taken.
A former BATF agent who testified for Dobyns attested that he, too, was followed after he left the attorney's office.

This is truly a BATF and DOJ Watergate... or worse. Attorneys and agency officials concealing evidence, secretly threatening witnesses, agency surveillance of attorneys and witnesses. All over a civil lawsuit -- can you imagine what they'd do over something big?...

Like, for example, backing a (R) candidate for Governor in Wisconsin....?

This story will not appear in George Stanley's rag.

The Apple/Google/Adobe/Intel Plantation

We mentioned yesterday that certain high-tech companies were pushing the lie that 'there are not enough computer science grads' so it is necessary for Congress to allow importation of thousands of foreign workers.

It's called wage suppression.

But if THAT doesn't work, there are other means!!

Apple, Google, Adobe and Intel, whose politics are often to the far left, have agreed to pay $415 million to resolve a class-action lawsuit alleging they conspired as an illegal cartel to suppress tech workers’ wages through secret “non-poaching” agreements involving 64,000 employees.

Yah, the Civil War kinda settled that slavery question.  But maybe the modern day plantation bosses don't know history.

Friday, January 23, 2015

B-16's Regensburg Lecture and The Mohammedans

Nice summary of why Benedict XVI's Regensburg lecture is even more pertinent today:

...Benedict’s lecture is ever relevant because one of its central arguments is that a religion’s understanding of God’s nature has immense implications for its capacity to live peacefully with those who do not share the same faith or, for that matter, have no religious faith. A religion that regards God as sheer Will, operating above and beyond reason, cannot ultimately object to the notion that such a God may command its adherents to do unreasonable things. For if God is ultimately unreasonable and the Creator of the universe, then so too are the people created in His image. Hence, if such an unreasonable God commands equally unreasonable humans to do something utterly irrational — such as slaughter cartoonists, fly planes into buildings, axe to death Jews praying peacefully in a synagogue, behead Christian children in the Middle East, kill Nigerian as Boko Haram has done, the list is endless — not only can we not object on grounds that such actions are unreasonable and intrinsically evil, but we must simply submit to the irrational Deity’s desire for blood. In other words, whether we like it or not, there is a theological and religious dimension to what happened in Paris — and what is happening in Syria and Iraq, what occurred on 9/11, and what Islamic jihadists keep doing all around the world — and we ignore this at our own peril. That’s another reason why it is so embarrassing and self-defeating for people like President Obama, President Hollande, and Prime Minister David Cameron to go on repeating, mantra-like, that Islamic jihadism has nothing to do with Islam. Of course it has something to do with Islam. That’s why it’s called Islamic jihadism....

One of the great failings of the Bush (2) Administration was its total disregard of religion as a motivator and force.  It is far more significant and potent than money or Constitutions.  It is the reason that the Middle East has always been at war.  The mind of the US is simply not able to grasp this--which is why "emplacing democracy" failed so miserably.

And the religion which B-16 described is the problem.  The Prime Minister of Egypt gets this far better than Obozo and his cabal ever will.

Waiting for Belichick To Say....

Waiting for Belichick to say "I didn't know anything about it until I read it in the newspaper."

Decimation for Republicans!

Ace has a perfectly wonderful rant, and re-states his very excellent idea.

...Here's a not terribly-well-kept secret: Most of the GOP establishment -- the elected officials, the shadow government of consultants and "think tank" people and so on -- has spent the great majority of its adult life in Progressive Dominated Social Circles, and have largely adopted their mores on a great many issues.

I'm not as bothered by this state of affairs as some conservatives might be; after all, I'm socially moderate (or even liberal-ish) myself. 

But where I can agree with other conservatives is on this issue: The GOP must stop lying about every fucking thing.

We've noted that Jim Sensenbrenner was AGAINST Cromnibus just after he was FOR it.  (And the "FOR" it resulted in passage, as Sensenbrenner knew full-well.)

We've also noted that RoJo was AGAINST ObozoCare before he went all limp-dick and kinda-sorta-maybe-ish doesn't really like it, but he sues a lot to prove he's .....something.

And of course, "Responsible Ryan" crammed the largest budget in history down the throats of the electorate while posing for Holy Pictures as an advocate of subsidiarity.


...When a Roman legion was guilty of cowardice or mutiny, they were sentenced to the punishment of Decimation, the execution of every tenth man, to encourage the remaining 9/10ths to take their obligations to the Roman state more seriously.

It is time to begin the practice of Tactical Decimation -- just firing people from their sinecures, not executing them, of course -- to let the GOP know we have no further need of soldiers who refuse to fight.

Line 'em up!!

Black Lives Matter. So Do Other Ones.

One group has been saying that 'black lives matter' for 42 years.  But that group is not so discriminate in their respect for life--it's ALL lives to them.

Notice any MSM pix like this?

Didn't think so.

Supply, Demand, and Computer Science

As we all know, the Ruling Class is trying to demolish the middle class with its immigration policy.

One element of that policy deals with "highly educated" immigrants which--for practical purposes--means computer science graduates.  The Google/Facebook/Intel/Microsoft oligarchy has been inflating the campaign accounts of the Ruling Class with the purpose of deflating the price of CompSci graduates.

Except the price of CompSci grads has already taken a very significant dive, all by itself.

The 2014 mean starting salary for new CS bachelor’s degree grads was $67,300, according to NACE.  But the organization’s projection for 2015 is only $61,287.  If that projection holds, it will be a drop of 9%.

Silly things like the "supply-demand-price" curves don't mean much to Congress (or the President) because as everyone should know, they write laws, not God, and not The Economy.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Levin: "I Don't Trust Ron Johnson"

Senator Ron Johnson got elected on one issue and one issue only:  he promised, time and time and time again that he would 'do everything possible' to repeal ObozoCare.

Time and time and time again, Johnson has NOT 'done everything possible.'

Finally, Mark Levin called him out.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Flim-Flam Boehner & The Sensenbrenner Shuffle

The flim-flam man a/k/a the "speaker of the house" has a new card-trick he wants you to see. 

And Part 2, the Sensenbrenner question!!

...With constituents burning up their phone lines to protest the CRomnibus as it headed to a vote, jittery Republicans pleaded with leadership for a fig leaf they could portray as real opposition to Obama. GOP leaders accommodated them by carving the Department of Homeland Security out of the agreement to fund the whole government for a year. The DHS behemoth includes the agencies that enforce – or, rather, refrain from enforcing – the immigration laws....

OK, so?

 ...The scenario enabled Republicans to maintain their pose as opponents of unconstitutional executive amnesty (even though many of them actually support Obama’s amnesty policy). Yet, it also provided a ready-made excuse for retreat. How, after all, could Republicans possibly put funding for “homeland security” in jeopardy? By teeing up the controversy as if it were a battle over anti-terrorism dollars, rather than pro-amnesty dollars, Republicans left themselves an escape hatch: When the time was right, they could withdraw their opposition to Obama’s amnesty scheme while portraying themselves as mature, responsible guardians of public safety....

Ahhhhh..  SAFETY!!  That's the ticket!!

...As if on cue, jihadists trained by al Qaeda carried out mass-murders in Paris. Meanwhile in Cincinnati, Christopher Lee Cornell, a would-be Islamist terrorist inspired by ISIS, was arrested for planning to bomb the U.S. Capitol.

Instantly, the GOP spin machine cranked into high gear: Senator John Cornyn, now the majority whip, promised an “unequivocal commitment to funding” DHS – “we’re not going to put that at risk under any circumstances.” “We recognize the important role that the Department of Homeland Security plays in this country,” intoned John Thune, the Senate’s third-ranking Republican. According to his House counterpart, GOP Conference chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Republicans must “work very closely with the president,” when it comes to “keep[ing] the country safe.” ...

McCarthy points out that the FBI actually does "homeland security" and is part of the Justice Department, not DHS.

But the cake's been baked.  The Flim-Flam Man will do exactly what the Chamber of Commerce told them to do:  give Obozo whatever he wants.  Cheap labor, ya'know.

The only question remaining:  will Sensenbrenner be For It Before He's Against It, or Against It Before He's For It?

MU Wants Secret Faculty With Unlimited Powers

Well, this is an interesting turn of events.  Marquette University wants its TA 'faculty' names kept secret when that 'faculty' stifles speech on the pretext of PC.

Following is the operative graf from a nastygram sent to the kinda-sorta-maybe-ish "non-suspended" Professor McAdams:

....Your recent actions in publicizing on the internet the name of our now-former graduate student, who had been secretly recorded by one of her students [redacted], require University review. Whatever your views of this secretly-recorded exchange in the graduate student’s office, and whatever your thoughts about separate classroom interactions that you did not observe (and putting aside the multiple other ways any concerns you had about our graduate student could have been advanced) you had no justification to put our graduate student’s name in your internet posts. The personal impact on her was plainly foreseeable,...

At Marquette, the TA enjoys absolute power over the class.  They lecture, devise, administer, and grade exams, and are to be treated as if they were professor-status creatures.  That's justifiable, I suppose.  But that power, when abused, can draw a reaction.

Ms. Abbate apparently got some hate-mail as a result of her intemperate use of her power, and fled.

So MU now (in effect) accuses McAdams of endangering the safety of this poor snowflake by publishing her name?


Really? Unlimited powers in the classroom but "secret"?  Dzerzhinsky comes to mind.

(Read the rest of the link for Esenberg's response and escalation.  Then buy some popcorn.)

George Weigel v John Paul II

An essay on the involvement of First Things in the Iraq wars.  The author begins with the current situation:

...“By last week, most Christians in Mosul had already taken a fourth option—evacuation. Their departure marks the end of a continuous Christian tradition in Mosul. For thousands of years, Mosul has been a center for Christians, particularly for Assyrians, an ethnic group that predates the Arab conquest of Mesopotamia. Indeed, the ancient Assyrian capital of Nineveh, where the Prophet Jonah preached, lies across the Tigris River. Christianized in apostolic times,...."

Yah, well.  Better fled than dead, I suppose.

...As recently as a decade ago, tens of thousands of Christians lived in Mosul, some of them descendants of victims of the genocide the Ottoman Empire perpetrated against Assyrians, as well as Armenians and Greeks, during World War I. After this weekend, virtually none remain. On Saturday, ISIS expelled the fifty-two Christian families still in the city, after first requiring them to leave behind all their valuables. For good measure, ISIS also burned an 1800-year-old church and the Catholic bishop’s residence, along with its library and manuscript collection.”...

No stone left unturned by the IslamoNazis.

So.  What about George Weigel and Robert Michael Novak?

...If you’ve been reading FT long enough then you’ll recall all the symposia on “Just War,” which increasingly became showcases for Weigel’s and Novak’s brand of American preemptive interventionism. Their calls to arms brazenly went against John Paul II’s unequivocal opposition to both our adventures in the Middle East.

Umnh-huh.  Pre-emptive just war.  Pre-emptive defense, right?

(That's something Mike McCarthy should be told about for next season's Packers playbook!)

Anyhoooo....we now see the end-game of the Weigel/Novak modernificated Just War Theory.  Iraq is in tatters, a ~2,000 year Christian presence is over and done, and blood roars into the sewers of Iraqi streets.

John Paul II was not a pacifist.  He knew what war could and could not do.  It is critical, MOST important, VERY much germane to know that the Vatican has the single largest humint operation that the world has ever seen.  The Vatican has people on the ground in every country inhabited by mankind.  In comparison, CIA is a fart in the wind.

So when JPII forcefully reminds a US President that war would be folly, he has reasons--and intel to back it up.

But Weigel, Novak, and Bombs-Away McCain--not to mention Billy Kristol, the armchair warrior--all knew more than the Pope.

I'm sure they're putting up the refugees in their homes as we speak, right?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Chair of Peter is Not the Chair of Jay Leno

Good take on 'rabbits' yappaflappa from the Jesuit Pope.

Sanfelippo's "Dead School" Idea? Not Good

When Conservatives complain about "too much Gummint," there's a reason.

Rep. Sanfelippo provides an example!!

...Under the bill, the state would clearly define a vacant or underutilized school and require that those schools be sold, with other educational operators such as private or charter schools having the first opportunity to buy the underutilized of vacant schools....

Umnnhhh.  Yes, MPS is a bunch of twits.  Yes, MPS is the very definition of 'wastrel.'  But let's attack the cause:  MPS has too much money--much of which is provided by taxpayers in Grant, Dane, Brown, and Trempeleau Counties.

 So Joe:  cut off the money from the State.

Let the locals pay the freight for their idiot elected Board members.

Setting the new precedent that the State 1) can and should define 'underutilized' and 2) can and should direct disposition of local assets is going to allow the Other Party to do the same.  In other words, Joe, you're adding to the Big Gummint pile of bricks.

Actual Conservatives believe in the law of subsidiarity.  Be a Conservative, Joe. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ugh. What I Don't Get....(Packers)

OK.  Seattle scores, making it 22-14.  Green Bay gets the ball back with around 4 minutes in regulation time.

So the Packers call a running play with Lacy.  No gain.  Another running play, little/any gain.

Rodgers has been VERY successful with 5-yard passes over the middle up to this point.

So the Packers call another running play, no gain, punt?

Sorry.  I think the Pack decided to play "prevent offense."

The Origins of Feminism: Lenin

Stacy McCain finds a real gem.

The communist economy does away with the family. In the period of the dictatorship of the proletariat there is a transition to the single production plan and collective social consumption, and the family loses its significance as an economic unit. The external economic functions of the family disappear . . . In the period of the dictatorship of the proletariat the family economic unit should be recognised as being, from the point of view of the national economy, not only useless but harmful. The family economic unit involves (a) the uneconomic expenditure of products and fuel on the part of small domestic economies, and (b) unproductive labour, especially by women, in the home — and is therefore in conflict with the interest of the workers’ republic in a single economic plan and the expedient use of the labour force (including women).  --Kollontai, quoted at The Other McCain

Yah.  Note especially (b) above.

Who's "Kollontai"?

She was one of Lenin's bitches, elevated to "Kommissar" in the Party. 

"Feminism" was simply another name for 'class warfare', the Marx/Lenin prescription for war on Right Order.

Handy little factoid.

ObozoNomics: Still Sucking After All These Years

Before Golfer-in-Chief tells you all the unicorn-and-rainbow crap about how wunnerful his economic performance is, let's remember a few facts which he will NOT mention.

The number of people actually working in the US as a percentage of eligible workers continues to decline.

The "jobs created" in both November and December were heavily salted with part-time work in restaurants, bars, and retail stores.

December retail sales were the worst in 12 months.

Wages are flat, and average hours worked remains under 35/week.

Young adults who are lucky enough to HAVE a job are earning ~$2,000/year less than the same cohort in 1980.

The economy has NET-gained only 225,000 jobs/month in the last year.  "Job openings" sounds wonderful--but let's not forget layoffs and permanent separations (Obozo will.)

And let's not forget the copper-crash of the last 60 days or so.  That is usually a sign of impending recession.

ObozoNomics:  not good for the US nor any of its citizens.

Friday, January 16, 2015

What Is It About Democrats and the 1930's?

There's something about the 1930's that makes Democrats weepy-nostalgic.

In Milwaukee, the (D) Mayor is pleading on bended knee for a trolley-car system which will not only be ridiculously expensive, but damn near useless in winter.  But it's '30's haute, you see.

In D.C., the Obozo-ites are going to body-slam the Internet with a 1930's regulatory scheme.

Since Obozo's election, the US has NOT "pulled out" of the 2008 recession in any meaningful sense, either.

So should we conclude that Depression, Regulation, and Trolleys are the new (D) gold standards of good?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Bankruptcy of AllahLibertarian

We remarked last night, following the lines of an essay on the topic, that Bill Donahue had exactly the correct position on the Hebdo massacre, and that Hewitt refused to follow Donahue's argument.  One suspects that Hewitt knew he would lose--or maybe not; Hewitt is not a deep thinker.

Anyhoo, AllahLibertarian weighs in on the same issue, and displays exactly the same mental vacuum as did Hewitt.  (And these people are "pundits" deserving of respect?)

Brief:  there are two kinds of laws, moral (natural) and positive.  Moral (natural) law is superior to and antecedes positive law.  Thus, what is legal is not necessarily moral.

Hebdo's "cartoons" are violations of the moral/natural law, but not of positive law.

So are abortions.

There is no justification for murder, period--whether by offended Muzzies or by abortionists.  And there is no justification for moronic, deliberately un-informed, pundits.

Copper Dives, Watch Out Below!

The Old Farts' economic signal, copper, dumped 8% yesterday.

That's not good news.

...Copper fell over 8 per cent today, after a 1.3 per cent fall yesterday hitting its lowest level in nearly five years on the back of an 18% decline last year....

...While copper has seen the most notable declines, other industrial metals are also faring poorly. According to Bloomberg, "A gauge of the six main industrial metals has declined 9.3 percent in the past 12 months to the lowest since June 7, 2010."...

This may have to do with the end of the ChiComs' manipulation of the price (upward) over the last several years.  Or it may be what it usually is:  a signal of an upcoming recession.

Keep your eyes on the ball.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Liberty, Donohue, Hebdo, and Hewitt

For several years I listened to the Hewitt show.  It was that or the nearly equivalent mindless rock'n'roll, and at least Hewitt had some news worth knowing from D.C. and some informed guests from the legal biz.   But when my commuting days ended, so, thankfully, did my days of hearing Hewitt.

Why such faint praise?  Hewitt was--and remains--a pompous hypocrite, yammering about Christianity while not really exploring what Christianity means.

And he proves it once again.  Here are a few excerpts from an essay on Hewitt's 'interview' of Bill Donohue (who was also reviled, in scatological terms, by Levin.  But then, Levin is not a Christian.)

...Seeing the “whole” of the Charlie Hebdo issue requires Donohue’s message. Commenting on the ostensible goals of James Madison, the Father of our Constitution, poet Robert Frost once wrote: “Now I know—I think I know—what Madison’s dream was. It was just a dream of a new land to fulfill with people in self-control. That is all through his thinking … to fulfill this land—a new land—with people in self-control.”...

... Natural law is (and should be, if that matters) much more expansive than the positive, or human-made legislative, law. Thomas Aquinas wrote that “human laws do not by strict command prohibit every vicious action, just as they do not command every virtuous action.”

This means that we enjoy many more legal rights than moral rightswhich itself means that true liberty requires non-legislated self-restraint.
Yup.  While abortion is legal, it is certainly not moral.

...In brief, liberty—as understood by the scholastic tradition—describes a moral freedom oriented to the good; license or false freedom is an abuse of true liberty because it employs freedom for its own sake. And license’s false teleology renders it both amoral and indefensible, even while legal in certain cases. In the case of rightfully legal, yet licentious exercises of free speech—like Charlie Hebdo sodomy cartoons, according to Donohue—moral defensibility collapses, even as legal defensibility stands....

But Donohue's perfectly licit point was something Hewitt would not countenance.  Back to "hypocritical":  Hewitt knows full-well the 'natural'/'legal' distinction because he crusades a bit about abortion.

But I suppose Hewitt needed advertising dollars, or The Right Sort of Friends, or something.  What's more important, anyway?

Copper In The Dumper

Copper has established itself as an economic indicator.

So when copper slides off (as it has), things aren't as wunnerful as the Obozo-ites would have you believe.

Caveat emptor.

HT:  Mish

"Catholic" Charities Continues Its Suicide

The USCC's "Catholic" Charities organization is known for its grants to less-than-Catholic organizations, usually of the Alinsky-ite flavor, and often connected to pro-abortion gangs.

So what does "Catholic" Charities do about that?

Appoints another clandestine pro-abort as the New Leader.

Suicide used to be quick.  This bunch is dragging it out over decades.  After all, there's still some money in the place.

What's Walker Talking About?

Yup.  Walker's going to run for the Presidency.

That requires the (R) shot at Conservatives, of course--so here's the transcript:

"Some in Washington believe government should play a growing role in our lives and rarely question its expense," Walker said. "Others have such disdain for government that they attempt to keep it from working at all...."

What the hell does that mean, Scott?  

What it does mean, of course, is that Walker is just fine-and-dandy with setting up ludicrous straw-men and then knocking them down.

Not what I'd call 'leadership.'

Think of It!! ObozoCare for the Internet!!

Obozo's next foray into the demolition of the United States will be a Federal regulatory takeover of the Internet.

Bet you can't wait!  It'll be just like the Good Old Days when he lied like Hell about "less cost" and "more services" for EVERYONE!!  So now we have........ahhh........higher costs and LESS services.  (You shoulda read the bill, dumbasses.)

And you'll get to see, once again, the Feds' mastery of internet stuff, just like you did when ObozoCare's web-page was unveiled!!  It'll all be FREE!  And even BETTER!!


Who'll buy John Boehner on this one?

Does Grover Norquist Hate Americans?

Grover Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform has 'grown' beyond its johnny-one-note tax silliness.

Now they are also self-proclaimed experts on H1-B immigration

Except they're wrong--which doesn't prevent them from their yappy-dog antics.

How about some mathematical and econometric facts?

...what’s wrong with giving visas to those with graduate degrees?  Aren’t they more qualified?  If not enough Americans pursue graduate study, isn’t it justified to fill this “gap” with foreign workers?  The answer is very simple:  NO....

...One can argue whether having a doctorate in computer science is a big thing or not (I would argue mainly not), but the point is that it is irrelevant.  At least in the case of CS, in the special 20,000-visa H-1B category, we are talking about Master’s students.  Hence my term, the Master’s Category.
You may ask, “Aren’t workers with Master’s degree holders better, more qualified?”  My firm answer is NO....

So Grover's "Master's degree" claim is hogwash.

As to anti-Americanism:

...the bill fails to deliver on another claim made in the above press release:  “[the bill would help employers hire immigrants] while making reforms to protect [US.] workers.”  I’ve read both the summary and full text of the bill, and there is NOTHING there about U.S. worker protections....

Matloff, cited above, has demonstrated that there is not any "shortage" of Americans in STEM fields*  None.  And there is, therefore, no "need" to import questionably-qualified STEM majors.  None.

So what does Norquist have against Americans?

*Read the EPI paper linked in Matloff's post

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

MU Uses the Obama Pirouette in Dumping McAdams

A few days ago, Marquette University announced that Prof. McAdams' classes had been cancelled for the Spring '15 semester.

The University babbled something about 'safety of our students' (especially precious snowflake defenseless  TA's who squash free speech and thought in their classes.)

For a moment, leave aside the fact that the Marquette campus, as a whole, is a 'danger zone' for students who are concerned with such things as armed robbery, assault, and muggings.

Marquette is suddenly worried about the "safety" of its TA's.   Who knows?  Thousands of stifled but enraged 19- and 20-year-olds could rise up and utterly destroy.....Ahhh.  Never mind.  They'd have to leave The Avalanche to do that, and, ya'know....

Anyhow, one day later, the Obama Administration announced that Obama Himself, Lord Fauntelroy XXVIII, will be 'pushing back' on journalists who plan to run items disparaging jihadists.

The reason for this?

..."The president...will not now be shy about expressing a view or taking the steps that are necessary to try to advocate for the safety and security of our men and women in uniform" whenever journalists' work may provoke jihadist attacks, spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters at the White House’s daily briefing....

Yah!!  The "safety of our troops", for crying out loud.  Seriously.  That's now Obozo's first and foremost Concern.  He might even start a hashtag thing for the troops, who only have M-4's, M-16A2's, and assorted tanks and howitzers available for defense.


Just a co-incidence, of course.