Thursday, October 23, 2014

Obozo the Drug Lord/Islamist

The Obozo administration has released a couple of thousand rapists, murderers, and kidnapers into the US.

When Islamists and drug cartels wish to control the population, they do it with rape, murder, and kidnaping.

So the only difference between Obozo and a drug-lord (and ISIS) is that Obozo also uses the IRS as a weapon.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

ObozoNomics: Cry Now, or Sooner

Yes, ObozoNomics is like tear gas.  You get two choices:  CN or CS.


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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ah! Music Lessons With Gun!

Combining two disciplines into one

Playing the Minute Waltz?  That would be the sign of a real virtuoso!!  Miculek, maybe?

Fundamental Transformation!

Here we have a picture of Obozo's Fundamental Transformation of Healthcare:

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Obozo's Department of Justice Extortion

Holy Smoke!  (Yes, this is about a forest fire.)

Seems like the Obozo/Holder appointees are kinda like their Supreme Leaders:  crooks and liars.

This is a landmark.  Not only did the Obozo/Holder DOJ lie like Hell to the Federal Courts, (that's called "fraud on the court," they did their damndest to suppress exculpatory evidence (Brady violations.)

Brady violations seem to be more and more common, according to the NYSlimes (!!!?!!).  Not too surprisingly, these are showing up in an era of rampant moral dissolution.

We live in interesting times, friends.

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Progenitor of Pope Francis' Views? The Milwaukee Connection

Chiesa (Sandro Magister) published an essay on the Synod which claims that the likely progenitor of HH Francis' views on matters of sexuality is none other than Cdl. Martini, SJ.

...There followed in October of 2013 the convening of a synod on the family, the first in a series of two synods on the same issue in the span of a year, with decisions postponed until after the second. As secretary general of this sort of permanent and prolonged synod the pope appointed a new cardinal with no experience in this regard, but very close to him, Lorenzo Baldisseri. Beside whom he placed, as special secretary, the bishop and theologian Bruno Forte, already a leading proponent of the theological and pastoral approach that had its guiding light in the Jesuit cardinal Carlo Maria Martini and its major adversaries first in John Paul II and then in Benedict XVI: an approach explicitly open to a change of Church teaching in the area of sexuality.....

Forte was the one who released the highly controversial "report" which caused a revolution at the Synod.

Wiki's brief take on Martini's theology includes this:

In his book Credere e conoscere, published shortly before his death, Martini set out his disagreement with the Catholic teaching against homosexual civil unions. “I disagree with the positions of those in the Church, that take issue with civil unions”, he wrote. “It is not bad, instead of casual sex between men, that two people have a certain stability” and that the “state could recognize them.” Although he stated his belief that "the homosexual couple, as such, can never be totally equated to a marriage", he also said that he could understand (although not necessarily approve of) gay pride parades when they support the need for self-affirmation

Familiar language, no?

To Milwaukee Catholics, the name of Martini is already quite familiar.  He was a special friend of Rembert Weakland, O.S.B.

This begins to add up.

Friday, October 17, 2014

The GirlyMan Elections Twit. Yup, Milwaukee

Some are men.  Some are women.  Then there's this creature.

...the [Milwaukee Election] commission’s executive director has turned in Marguerite Ingold to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office, the same agency that has spent the past four years drag-netting conservatives in secret, politically charged John Doe investigations. The reason, according to Ingold: The election director believed this Muskego great-grandmother could have become “violent and stormed the city hall.”...

She's seventy-eight years old.

But afraid.  Very afraid.

Flim-Flam: Flynn, Chisholm, the Fired Cop, and "Disability"

One is entitled to massive cynicism syndrome when observing politicians at work.

The case of the Milwaukee cop who shot and killed Dontre Hamilton gets more......ahhh........interesting every day.  (It must be noted that I don't have a dog in this fight; I do not know if the cop was right or wrong in his action.  I do not know what Hamilton did, other than what I read on the interwebs.)

So how does the cynic view this?  Easy!!

Ed Flynn is a politician first and a cop second, no matter what Ed Flynn says.  Flynn decided to fire the cop Manney, obviously taking the arrow on behalf of John Chisholm, who is in enough hot water for his openly partisan, un-ethical, and probably illegal persecution of conservatives.  Chisholm also has to get along with the cops, so Chisholm has evaded any decisions on prosecuting the cop.  Clearly, Flynn was tapped to bail out Chisholm.

It's also clear that Flynn telegraphed the firing at least a week ago.  How do we know that?  The cop applied for "duty disability" two days before he was canned.  ("Duty disability" is, perhaps, the single most abused benefit afforded to cops and firemen in all of the recorded history of Wisconsin.)  In this instance, the cop claimed that shooting Hamilton left him with "debilitating health issues" and he "has not been able to sleep for months."

Hmmmm.  A lot of cops have shot and killed a lot of civilians.  How come all the OTHER cops don't have "debilitating health issues" resulting in "duty disability" claims?

Should the claim be approved, the cop gets 75% of his average earnings, TAX-FREE, until he collects his regular pension.  That will be a minimum of $37,500/year net-spendable cash, not to mention continuing health insurance benefits.

Not bad at all, for a few sleepless nights and a little 'stress.'

So here's the sequence of events:  1) The cop encounters Hamilton who reacts with violence.  2)  The cop kills Hamilton.  3)  Chisholm "investigates" endlessly to avoid making any decision AT ALL in the case.  4) Chisholm (or Barrett--same difference) has a few quiet lunches with Flynn and persuades Flynn to fire the cop.  5)  Flynn tells the Cop Union that the axe is about to fall--signaling that it's time for the cop to apply for "disability."  6)  The cop applies, and voila!!! two days later he's canned.

There follows the usual dog-and-pony show from the Cop Union--which is only for show--and from Flynn, who swears on the Bible that this is 'not political.'  Barrett goes all milk-carton, and Chisholm talks in circles about 'more investigation.'

One dead civilian, a lot of fleeced taxpayers, a cop who lost his job--and most important, re-election for Barrett, Chisholm, and contract extension for Flynn!

Well-played, boys.  We get the picture, right up our a&^%es, no Vaseline.

Meanwhile, in Rome...

The Press has been filled with stories about the synod on families being held in Rome.  No surprise, as the first document released was rather dodgy on two matters:  1) admittance to Communion for civilly-divorced and re-married Catholics and 2) homosexual matters.

A little unpacking is required. 

First, and most important:  the document was written by an Italian Bishop who is known for his un-orthodox thinking on both those issues AND "other views" were (literally) suppressed by that author.  As it turns out, those "other views" (the orthodox ones) are held by the vast majority of the Bishops who are there, and those "other views" have been released to The Press after a raucous shouting-match (!!) in the meeting room.

(If you're looking for citations, see here, here, and here.)

Secondly, a real side-show has erupted as a leading left-leaning German Cardinal gave an interview which was borderline-racist (to be kind.)  (It's been noted in other venues that Lefties tend to castigate Conservatives for the Left's own flaws, and this Cardinal-Projector proves the case.)

Believe it:  Ebola is not the only world news story!

Cato: Scott Walker's a Big Spender

Cato released a study which grades State governors.

The good news for Scott Walker:  according to Cato, he's #11 overall, which is darn good.

The bad news:  he's a Really Big Spender, given a score of 40 on a 100-point scale. Not surprising, then, that he earns only a 50 grade on taxation.

This should not be a surprise to anyone who has paid attention over the last few years.  Walker is saddled with a legacy of Big Spending (R) and (D) governors (Thompson and Doyle were egregious wastrels) and a Legislature which--though (R)--loves it some spendin'. 

We haven't heard or seen a Walker ad which promises a reduction in State employment.  No surprise:  Walker has increased State employment in both his budgets.  We haven't heard or seen a Walker ad which promises a reduction in spending, either--other than whatever effects remain from Act 10.

Oh, well.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Why Ms. Althouse Is Wrong on Gay "Marriage"

A scholar quotes The Scholastic to demonstrate the fallacy of Althouse's argument on the topic and goes on to add another, very significant, point:  the rise of the Monolithic State.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Like Obozo, Like Frieden

I think Ace nailed it here.

...Frieden has done some good work, it seems, in reducing infectious disease (tuberculosis) in India.
But I am baffled at this man's reactivity and passivity in the face of a serious public health threat.

He seems to just want to reassure the public, and hope the problem just sort of sorts itself out without much of his involvement.

Which reminds me an awful lot of our President.

So maybe I shouldn't be baffled that Frieden is now passive, reactive, and determined to do only the bare minimum once the public starts howling....

Frieden, to our knowledge, is not a golfer.  So that's going for him.

Houston, YOU Have a Problem

Although Houston is in Texas, it is apparently not a part of Texas.  Nor of the USA--which has a First Amendment.

However, you can look right into the face of Fascism in Houston.  Who knows?  It may play out in a city near you soon--as it did in Wisconsin with the Big-City Union Jackass/DA, Chisholm!!

...Reports coming out of Houston today indicate that city attorneys have issued subpoenas to pastors who have been vocal in opposition to the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), a measure which deals with gender identity and sexuality in public accommodations. The subpoenas, issued to several pastors, seek “all speeches, presentations, or sermons related to HERO, the Petition, Mayor Annise Parker, homosexuality, or gender identity prepared by, delivered by, revised by, or approved by you or in your possession.”...

This will not intimidate the Southern Baptists.

"Six-Gun" Chisholm!

Apparently the Milwaukee County District Attorney likes guys with guns.

A lot of them:  14 at last count, doubling every 6 years. 

Avarice, Conservative-Radio Style

Several months ago, a news-guy/blogger with lefty tendencies mentioned that 'conservative talk radio' was headed, (slowly) down the porcelain tubes.

Took a while, but Paul Kengor confirmed that avarice is playing a big role here.  No wonder we Catholics call it a "deadly sin."

Ebola-by-Breathing: Obozo Owns It

Seems like the CDC is wrong.

The highly respected Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) at the University of Minnesota just advised the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) that “there is scientific and epidemiologic evidence that Ebola virus has the potential to be transmitted via infectious aerosol particles,” including exhaled breath. 

CIDRAP is warning that surgical facemasks do not prevent transmission of Ebola, and healthcare professionals (HCP) must immediately be outfitted with full-hooded protective gear and powered air-purifying respirators.

President Obola owns this one lock, stock, and barrel. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lefties v. Nature, Again

A certain Supercilious One, tenured, whose husband has not yet brought home a few extra wives, continues to affirm the remarkable theory that the Constitution trumps Nature.

It's dark comedy, except it's not comedy.

"...A Breach of Protocol...."

Yah, well, it's a breach of protocol because we SAY so!

Is So!  Is So!!  Is Sooooo!!!!!!!

(However, we have no idea what that breach of protocol actually was.)

McCarthy Is Dead-On re: Benghazi

The slow-walk of the Benghazi hearings was noticed out here.  We all knew, but in that inchoate, 'small red flag waving' way, that there was a reason for that slow-walk.  McCarthy puts it on the table.

....When a knowledgeable witness refuses to answer a critical question, the interrogator does not just let him off the hook. The witness gets grilled: Isn’t it a fact that the policy was X?

Gowdy did not grill Starr. And Gowdy — the chairman who has access to the intelligence the committee has been gathering for five months, the accomplished prosecutor who is not fool enough to ask a key question to which he did not know the answer — did not fill in the information gap. He abruptly ended the hearing, content to leave the policy shrouded in mystery....


...In the midst of Libya’s civil war, the United States government decided to switch sides — we went from support for the Qaddafi regime that had been regarded as a key counterterrorism ally to support for “rebels” who very much included the anti-American jihadists Qaddafi had been helping us track. That was not just an Obama-administration policy preference; it had strong support from prominent senior Republicans in Congress....

Place your bets on the names of the "prominent Republicans".  Think about a doughy, chubby, Senator from a Southeastern state and an attention-whore Senator from a Southwestern state...

....Meanwhile, the Obama administration, again with significant Republican support, decided to aid and abet Syrian “rebels” who, as in Libya, very much included anti-American jihadists. There is colorable suspicion that this assistance included the gathering up of arms in Libya for shipment to Syrian “rebels.”...

So Gowdy turns into another Party apparatchik and Rough Men moulder in their graves.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Stupid Platitude From Burke

SCOTUS' extremely bad habit of sticking its nose into States' business continued apace when it halted implementation of the Voter ID law in Wisconsin.

Thus the Burke campaign's Stupid Platitude moment:

Walker's opponent, Democrat Mary Burke, has opposed the legislation.

"Regardless of your politics, we can all agree that the greater the level of participation in elections, the better it is for our state," said Burke spokesman Joe Zepecki.

That is one of those statements which sounds really good, until one thinks for 5 seconds. There is no correlation between 'voter participation' and 'the health of the State.'  None.  There is also no correlation between the number of ZIP Codes in Wisconsin and the depth of Lake Michigan.

It's a category error--not that any Leftist would understand that distinction.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Obama's Illegal "Children" and EV-D68

The enterovirus which produces polio-like symptoms--and death--in some of its victims has a very interesting pair of loci in the US.

... a study published in Virology Journal, found EV-D68 among some of the 3,375 young, ill people tested in eight Latin American countries, including the Central American nations of El Salvador and Nicaragua, in 2013.  (See Fig. 3)

Though the U.S. government is keeping secret the locations of the illegal immigrant children, there are significant numbers of them in both cities in which the current outbreak was first identified, Kansas City, Missouri and Chicago, Illinois, according to local advocates and press reports.
CDC list of states with confirmed EV-D68 cases

The EV-D68 outbreak was first recognized after Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri notified CDC on August 19 of an increase in severe respiratory illnesses. Four days later, on August 23, the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital notified CDC of a similar increase.....

Just co-incidence, of course.

"If the World Had an A*****le, It Would Be In....."

Umpty years ago, a number of us took BCT at Fort Bliss, which is next to El Paso, TX.

(Now you know the rest of the rhyme....)

Anyhoo, it seems that the line is true.  Not only that, it also describes a number of the inhabitants of that city.

...“With both Karakrah and Huerta in custody, federal law enforcement officials have an extraordinary opportunity to break the powerful narco-terrorism grip on El Paso – assuming they can overcome internecine turf wars between the various agencies of the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security. Judicial Watch “connected the dots” in this narco-terrorism network for federal law enforcement.

“For too long, “experts” have discounted the level of cooperation between Mexican drug cartels and Islamist militants. Meanwhile terrorists, weapons, drugs and money cross back-and-forth over the border virtually undetected, in a city long known as the “safest in America.”
“Two recent, seemingly unrelated, arrests expose the nexus of Islamic terror and drug cartel trafficking operating from El Paso...Judicial Watch quoted at Gateway

Obozo might go there, if there's a golf-course handy.

Bishops Deficient in Marriage Teaching

Anchoress (obliquely) points the finger.

...Simply put, the surveys floated last year, and the working document drawn from them, suggest that the synod absolutely must address the fallout from five decades of poor catechesis, that have been an aching void in the face of social revolution.

Most Catholics do not know their faith, and they do not know what they don’t know. The press may be having a great time trying to define the “most important issues” of the synod, but well-transmitted teachings are of fundamental concern. The church can’t really afford another 50 years of people careening about, absolutely clueless as to the well-reasoned theology that backs her teachings. ...

No kidding!

Quick test:  do you recall EVER hearing about artificial birth control at Sunday Mass?  Ever?

Obozo: STFU About ObozoCare Testing

Since it's "taxpayer money", you'd think that "taxpayers" are entitled to know about the performance of the ObozoCare sign-up website (2014 edition.)

Wrong, sucka!!

[The Wall Street Journal reports that] the administration has emailed insurers that it will require "all testers to acknowledge the confidentiality of this process to access the testing environment." The administration reminded insurers that their confidentiality agreement with the Obama administration means that insurance executives "will not use, disclose, prescribe, post to a public forum, or in any way share Test Data with any person or entity, included but not limited to media..." This includes any "results of this testing exercise and any information describing or otherwise relating to the performance or functionality" of the Obamacare enrollment and eligibility system.

Don't even ask about HHS email or text archives.

HT:  Atkisson

The Obozo Promise: Pay More for Kilowatts

It's working exactly as Obozo said it would:  we will pay more--a LOT more--for electricity.

And if you think that WE really cares about this, you're nuts.  The utilities will never, ever, mount a full-throated public relations campaign against Obozo's EPA mandates. 

They're just another tax-collection agency, like IRS.

Makes you feel good, eh?

(The irony here is that most of that South Side crowd that's objecting voted Democrat all their lives.....)

The Walker Cave Will Resonate

We've mentioned--unfavorably--the Walker Cave-in on gay "marriage."  It's not the only matter on which we differ from Walker; the other is his stifling of an abortion-related bill during the Legislature's last session.

This all has to do with his interest in running for President.

Well, we're not the only ones who noticed.

Here's a question for the Governor:  would he be so flaccid, so disengaged, if SCOTUS had voted to keep slavery legal?

"Disappeared": EPA Records, Too!!

When the Obozo-ites are not lying, they're burying the bodies.

This--like the Lerner problem--is the result of Too Much Federal Government.  (Not that "Republicans" are campaigning on that issue, or anything.)