Sunday, July 27, 2014

Disney's War on Women

Finally!  After 50+ years, the feminazis have discovered the root of all sexism.


...Disney cartoons and other G-rated children’s movies are full of “gendered sexuality,” subjecting women to the male “objectifying gaze,” as “heterosexuality is constructed through hetero-romantic love relationships as exceptional, powerful, magical, and transformative.”

These were the conclusions of Women’s Studies professors Karin Martin and Emily Kazyak in their 2009 research paper, “Hetero-Romantic Love and Heterosexiness in Children’s G-Rated Films.” The sociologists examined “all the G-rated films grossing $100 million dollars or more between 1990 and 2005″ and found that these movies convey what feminists call “heteronormativity”...

The Scourge of the Planet, owned by ABC, no less!!

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Demolishing the Republic

Jefferson and Madison were no fans of Hamilton, who seems to have been a linear ancestor of the Crony Capitalists of today.  It's worth noting that the Cronies are non-partisan; they'll polish the knobs of anyone in office because their god is money.

Anyhoo, their methodology was laid out in 1972 in this newspaper editorial.

1. It being necessary in order to effect the change, to get rid of constitutional shackles and popular prejudices, all possible means and occasions are to be used for both these purposes....

4. In drawing all bills, resolutions, and reports, keep constantly in view that the limitations in the Constitution are ultimately to be explained away. Precedents and phrases may thus be shuffled in, without being adverted to by candid or weak people, of which good use may afterward be made. 

5. As the novelty and bustle of inaugurating the government will for some time keep the public mind in a heedless and unsettled state, let the press during this period be busy in propagating the doctrines of monarchy and aristocracy. For this purpose it will be particular useful to confound a mobbish democracy with a representative republic, that by exhibiting all the turbulent examples and enormities of the former, an odium may be thrown on the character of the latter....

6. But the grand nostrum will be a public debt, provided enough of it can be got and it be medicated with the proper ingredients. If by good fortune a debt be ready at hand, the most is to be made of it. Stretch it and swell it to the utmost the items will bear. Allow as many extra claims as decency will permit. Assume all the debts of your neighbors - in a word, get as much debt as can be raked and scraped together, and when you have got all you can, "advertise" for more, and have the debt made as big as possible. This object being accomplished, the next will be to make it as perpetual as possible; and the next to that, to get it into as few hands as possible. The more effectually to bring this about, modify the debt, complicate it, divide it, subdivide it, subtract it, postpone it, let there be one-third of two-thirds, and two-thirds of one-third, and two-thirds of two-thirds; let there be 3 percents, and 4 percents, and 6 percents, and present 6 percents, and future 6 percents. To be brief, let the whole be such a mystery that a few only can understand it; and let all possible opportunities and informations fall in the way of these few to cinch their advantages over the many....

[8].... (4) A great debt will require great taxes; great taxes, many taxgatherers and other officers; and all officers are auxiliaries of power. (5) Heavy taxes may produce discontents; these may threaten resistance; and in proportion to this danger will be the pretense for a standing army to repel it. (6) A standing army, in its turn, will increase the moral force of the government by means of its appointments, and give it physical force by means of the sword, thus doubly forwarding the main object

9. The management of a great funded debt and a extensive system of taxes will afford a plea, not to be neglected, for establishment of a great incorporated bank. the use of such a machine is well understood. If the Constitution, according to its fair meaning, should not authorize it, so much the better. Push it through by a forced meaning and you will get in the bargain an admirable precedent for future misconstructions. 

There's more at the link.

Why yes, indeed!  Those old dead white guys actually understood human nature!


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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ruling Class Member Descends to Our Level!

The Ruling Class tries living like regular citizens for a week.

Wailing and gnashing of teeth! 

Hell's bells!  Last night I popped a can of tuna into some leftover pasta, sprinkled it with lemon/pepper and grated Parmesan, munched it down cold.  In winter, same recipe, nuked for a minute.

The poor, poor, dear, Ruling Class member.  Oh, the agony!!

S.T.E.M. Storm of Lies

The Official Line of Silicon Valley--that the US does not produce enough Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math graduates--is in conflict with Economics 101. 

You remember Econ 101, don't you?  The supply/demand intersection, where the price rises when supply is short, given constant or increasing demand?

Yah, THAT part.

...Some research suggests that there may be an oversupply of STEM professionals. An Economic Policy Institute study last year found that the supply of STEM graduates exceeds the number hired each year by a ratio of nearly 2-to-1, depending on field of study. In engineering, colleges historically produce about 50% more graduates than are hired into engineering jobs, the study found.....


..."The unemployment in STEM is low now, but wage growth in most STEM occupations has been pretty flat for many years and employment growth has only recently shown any bounce," said Lowell....

Let's put it this way:  the market doesn't lie. But Silicon Valley management--well, it DOES lie. 

Friday, July 25, 2014


Yah, well, let's see if the Judicial branch maintains its legitimacy by ruling on the plain meaning of the text.

Here's the House's finding:

This joint staff report shows that IRS and Treasury arrived at the decision to extend premium subsidies to federal exchanges without a thorough or proper analysis. There is simply no evidence that IRS conducted an adequate analysis of this issue prior to the issuance of the
proposed rule. 
On three separate occasions, IRS and Treasury employees were unable to provide the Committees with detailed information about the factors they considered before determining
that premium subsidies should be allowed in federal exchanges
When the potential illegality of the rule was raised by members of the general public and Members of Congress after the publication of the proposed rule, the evidence suggests that
IRS and Treasury once again failed to conduct a careful review and simply reiterated their
original assertions
While prior to the proposed rule, IRS and Treasury’s failure to conduct an adequate review of whether the text of law and PPACA’s legislative history supported its interpretation was largely due to other pressing priorities with the 36B regulation
....those "priorites" being political, of course. 

IRS did not bother with either the history of the bill, nor its plain language.  What governed the IRS' decision (made by Chief Counsel) was Obozoites at HHS who understood that if the law was implemented AS WRITTEN, residents of 36 States would suffer huge increases in health-insurance premiums.  

And the (D) Party would not survive the elections of '12, '14, or '16--or perhaps ever.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The "Recovery" Misses Big

While the MSM and its master, the Administration, bleats happy-talk, reality intervenes.

New Home Sales in June plunged to 406k vs 504k in May... (remember that 504k print was the catalyst for 'weather' is over and the market to surge 10%) Now that has soaked in, consider this is equal lowest sales print since September 2013 (and Dec 2012) and the biggest miss since July 2013.The last 3 months of exuberance have all been revised significantly lower (most especially May's appartently make-believe number). What is even more troubling in the "survey" vs "reality" world is this collapse in sales when NAHB Sentiment surged to near cycle highs. For context, this is a 5-standard-deviation miss from economists' expectations,...

Musta been really horrible weather in June.  (Now it's called "climate disruption.")  Looks more like "economic disruption" to me and the only constant in the last 6 years has been Obozo and the Perfumed Princes in Congress.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Where's Obozo's Hashtag Army?

President Girly-Pants' State Department doesn't make mention of SOME war criminals.

With a mass exodus of Christians from Mosul in the face of threats, the Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako said that these Islamic militants are worse than Genghis Khan.

The Islamists are warning Christians that they must essentially convert or die.

Not even a hashtag offensive against the Saudi-sponsored (and US-armed) holocaust perps?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wisconsin Employers Obtain Freedom of Religion

Despite the Senate Republicans, Wisconsin will abide by Hobby Lobby.

The state of Wisconsin will no longer be enforcing a state law requiring employers to provide contraception coverage in insurance plans offered to employees. A spokesman with the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance told Media Trackers on Monday that because of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. in June, state regulators are no longer requiring employers or insurance providers to abide by the state requirement.

...In 2013, AB 216 and SB 202 attempted to add a religious exemption to the statute. Assembly Republicans passed their version of the reform but the bill subsequently died in the GOP-controlled Senate....

Seems like many Senate Republicans need a remedial primary or two.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Got iPhone? Like Security? Fuggeddaboutit!


Apple has endowed iPhones with undocumented functions that allow unauthorized people in privileged positions to wirelessly connect and harvest pictures, text messages, and other sensitive data without entering a password or PIN, a forensic scientist warned over the weekend.

...Zdziarski said the service that raises the most concern is known as It dishes out a staggering amount of data—including account data for e-mail, Twitter, iCloud, and other services, a full copy of the address book including deleted entries, the user cache folder, logs of geographic positions, and a complete dump of the user photo album—all without requiring a backup password to be entered. ...

By the way, when you "paired" your iPhone with your car, the data-thief who wants to can use the car as its mode-of-stealing.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Baghdad Bob's New Job

Maybe Bob became Barry?

With a straight face, Barack Obama has been repeatedly telling us that the world is "more stable" and "less violent" than ever.  In fact, he believes that this is the best time in history to be alive because of how peaceful and stable everything is.  And of course Obama is more than happy to take credit for his role in bringing all of this "stability" about.  Just this week, his press secretary told the media that this administration has "substantially improved" the "tranquility of the global community". 

I dunno. Is "delusional" a defense for serial lying?

The Frauds of Obozo

SCOAMF is not incompetent.  He's a revolutionary Marxist. numbers released by the House Judiciary Committee show the “vast majority” of unaccompanied minors seeking asylum are granted it before even appearing before a judge. “Information from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that shows 65 percent of unaccompanied alien minors’ asylum applications have been immediately approved by asylum officers in Fiscal Year 2014,”...

...Complicating matters, according to the committee, is the rate of fraud in asylum cases. The committee says “an internal Department of Homeland Security report” has shown that “at least 70 percent of asylum cases contain proven or possible fraud.”...--Byron York quoted at PJ

But regardless, Boehner's House will continue funding the fraud.

$12Bn Cut in Fed Budget: Why Bother?

The "conservative" House budget proposal reduces Fed spending by $12Bn in FY 2015.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Adfministrative "Law"? Not So Muich

Great podcast here from a lawprof about administrative "law" which is actually unconstitutional from the git-go.

Near the end, he mentions that Congress is perfectly happy with abdication of their Constitutional mandate to make ALL the laws (see the first sentence of the actual Constitution) because Congress-slime don't want to be responsible--they want to be re-elected.

Magna Carta, Metternich and Bismarck, Wilson (the perfect ass) are all involved.

Fun stuff.

For an egregiously evil example, read this post.  For only a few hundred thou, the Greens wrote the EPA's new carbon dioxide regs.  Yup--not only NOT Congress, but not even EPA.


Oh, by the way:  Buy More Ammo.

HIghly Trained, Eh?

The old "shoot the dog" trick.  Different ending

Armed robber shoots police officer. Police officers track suspect down to a trailer park. Dog enters the scene and a deputy opens fire—except that, in a twist on the usual story, he misses the pooch and plugs a young child, instead.

Yah, that "training" with deadly weapons really works.  Lucky for the kid that it wasn't "spray and pray" training, eh?

More of The Usual Crap from D.C .

Let's not forget that a revolutionary occupies the White House and he has appointed revolutionaries to every Cabinet position involved here.

We'll have to deal with them later.

Meantime, the Feckless/Gonad-less Party's Glamor Boyzzz have a "solution"!!

Too bad it's another shit sandwich.

...Senator Cornyn and Democrats, instead of keeping their solution simple, are just further empowering the President who has created this problem.

They’re going to call their bipartisan solution the HUMANE Act, or the “Helping Unaccompanied Minors and Alleviating National Emergency Act”. Wow. So if we oppose their bad idea we are inhumane.

The proposal does not close the major inducement to the present crisis. In 2012, President Obama created the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (“DACA”) program without congressional approval. The K.I.S.S. approach would be for Congress to shut this down, seal the border, and quickly send back everyone who has crossed over. In fact, this bipartisan proposal does not even shut down DACA. But it does allow illegal immigrant children to hire lawyers paid for by you to petition judges appointed by Barack Obama for permission to stay in the United States.

And!!!  In only TWO YEARS, the Revolutionary Guard should submit a "strategy" for control of the border.

Pathetic, useless, and temporizing.  Pretty much sums up the "opposition" these days.

Fr. Berger, What Is "Direct Material Cooperation"?

Let's see, here.  We're told that Catholic Charities of SE Wisconsin (that's the Milwaukee Archdiocese) may well "assist" the Feds in sheltering several hundred illegal aliens.  We also know that 5 of every 6 such illegals are NOT "children;" they are adults.  We also know that in the cases of the 16% who are actually 'children,' they are not "refugees"--and in most cases are being separated from their parents.  Thus, the Archdiocese is facilitating illegal violation of immigration laws AND facilitating the breakup of families.

Here's the description of "cooperation in evil":

The Church has always condemned formal cooperation in evil where a person gives consent to evil being done by another. When someone does not agree, however, they can still be guilty of material cooperation in evil when they provide the means by which the evil is performed. Direct or proximate material cooperation in evil occurs when a person provides necessary tools to perform the evil act, e.g., when someone sells illegal drugs they are a material cooperator in evil since they are providing the necessary means to commit evil, either illegal drug use or illegal drug distribution. ...

...Remote material cooperators are those who provide indirect means to carry out the evil. The merchant of a sporting goods store sells ammunition to a hunter. Legal and moral. If that hunter commits an immoral act by using the bullets he just bought to kill an innocent person, the merchant is not guilty of direct material cooperation in evil. He MAY be guilty of remote material cooperation in evil if he neglected to report to the police suspicions or apprehensions he may have had when he sold the ammunition....

One more thing:  how does this compare to parents objecting to Common Core?  Since THOSE people are castigated and dissed by the Archbishop, his right-hand man, and the Educrat-in-Charge, how should Catholics react to Fr. Berger's (and the Archbishop's) apparent ..........ahhh.......problem in moral actions here?


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Archdiocese of Milwaukee to Re-settle Illegals?

The border crisis moves north.

As undocumented children continue arriving at the US-Mexico border, FEMA has asked a Milwaukee agency to stand by – in case it’s needed.

... The local agency preparing to help is Catholic Charities of Milwaukee. Executive Director Fr. David Bergner says FEMA asked the organization to identify three potential sites, which could be used as a temporary shelter. Each would need to house 100 children. FEMA also requested staff, who could work at the shelter.

Bergner says Catholic Charities picked two former schools and a former office complex, which could be transformed into shelter space. He says the organization would coordinate food, clothing and education for the children, with a lot of assistance...

How very nice!

This raises a question.  Of course the imperative is 'charity to all.'  On the other hand, cooperating with the evil of breaking up families is not a "good," especially because in this case it also happens to be direct material cooperation with breaking the laws of the US.

It's also likely that this action is taken against the will of donors to Catholic Charities, or at least a large minority of them.


Your Future With Comcast

Time Warner (Gary Grunau's very own semi-monopoly in Milwaukee) will be selling out to Comcast.

Flee now, TWC customers.

...Comcast didn’t earn its reputation as America’s Worst Company overnight — it took years and years of hard work. From offering customers ridiculously overpriced bundle packages, to having the highest fees among any of its competitors, to offering some of the absolute worst customer service of any company in the United States, Comcast has toiled away tirelessly to perfect its craft of angering its own customers...

Oh, yes--it can get even worse!!

...When Block informs the representative that he wants to cancel his service, the representative refuses to do so and instead asks him why in the world would he even think of canceling Comcast, which in the rep’s mind has a sterling reputation for customer care....

That's right!  Comcast is now imitating Hell!  It's a one-way gate, no exit.  Too bad, so sad.